Mobile App Development

Android apps development

Android Mobile Apps development

The Android operating system is one of the fastest growing systems on the market. Millions of people access the Internet using a mobile device, specifically smartphones.

Dots & Coms Mobile Apps offers cost-effective mobile solutions that help you address the challenges you're facing with mobile applications and how they relate to your business.

Our team of dedicated developers are acquainted in App development for Android phones and tablets. Whatever your requirements are we transcend in giving Android application development services for your business or consumer app demands.

We offer Complete services :

  • Concept Brainstorming
  • UI Design
  • Development of APP
  • Back-end server development
  • Assistance with getting your App launched on Google Play Store
  • Post launch support and maintenance and updates
  • Marketing for Apps

Iphone apps development

Apple / iOS Mobile Apps development

Apple iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market, and when combined with the use of the Apple iPad, there's an endless market for new application development.

Our professional iPhone application developers are well equipped in iOS technological advancements. Our team of developers stay updated with latest versions and newly launched devices.

Our iPhone team builds custom iPhone apps as a part of our services defining mobile strategy you want to use whether you are trying to reach more customers?

Do you need something for your sales teams? We will transform your idea to an interactive iPhone/iPad App in a step by step process.

We offer Complete Design, Development and Assistance with getting your App launched on iTunes Store.

  • Concept Discussion and Understanding
  • Front-end UI Design
  • App development
  • Back-end server side development
  • Assistance with getting your App launched on Apple App Store
  • Post launch support and maintenance and updates
  • Marketing for Apps

Universal Responsive Mobile websites

A mobile website is similar to any other website in that it consists of browser-based HTML pages that are linked together and accessed over the Internet (for mobile typically Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G networks). We create platform independent mobile websites which can be accessed by virtually any mobile device or a tablet including but not limited to Apple iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, Android Tablets, Windows Phones or other Mobile & Tablet devices with full browsers.

Mobile websites are truly universal and do not require Apple Appstore or Android Market place review or any installation. We place auto detection tools to check if a visitor is browsing using a Mobile or Tablet device & redirect the user to the compatible version. Offering seamless and focused content which is easy to read, browse, analyze or access. We trim your desktop version website to fit into a smaller screen, focusing or spreading the content.

Below are few important reasons why you need a mobile website:

  • No downloads are required to access mobile website, unlike with an app
  • Increase your search engine ranking as both desktop and mobile websites will be indexed by search engines
  • No technical experience or special skill is required to update a mobile website
  • Mobile Search is a universe of its own
  • More people buy mobile phones and tablets than desktop computers
  • Mobile sites are faster and more accessible
  • Mobile websites are cost-effective

Hiring Dedicated App Developers

Dedicated Staffing

App developer or an interface designer or any IT resource. Let us worry about the timings, the attendance, motivation, HR needs, and payroll, Insurance, Computer Terminal, Development Server, Internet Connectivity and all other Chores for you.

What we do for you:

  • Setup Interviews based on profile of your choice
  • Help you recruit and give Basic Training
  • All HR related activities, payroll, Motivation, etc.
  • Attendance, Infrastructure and all basic chores
  • Full non disclosure agreement

What you get:

  • Resource working remotely but dedicated for you
  • Full operational control over time and project
  • All benefits of hiring manpower minus all the paraphernalia work

You pay a fixed cost and hire the net time of the resource.

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